A night at the Batcave (1984)

From Smash Hits March-April 1984, p.51:

Not all nights-out kick off at 7:30pm and end in time for the reveller to be tucked up in bed before midnight strikes. There's another type of thrill seeker. The type who's only thinking of going out at this time and positively won't come home before 7:30 am. This happens all the time at the _Batcave_ which is off Carnaby Street in London. So I dressed for the occasion--all in black and a vertical-hold hair style achieved through two cans of hair spray. I pay my £3.00 and am confronted by great swoops of grubby netting that stretches from wall to wall. The atmosphere's ideal for mere mortals and pop stars to admire each other's white pan- cake make-up and to sway to music by Siouxsie, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend and such early '70s Glam Rockers as Sweet and T. Rex. Marc Almond stands arm-in-arm with Nick Cave of The Birthday Party. One Dracula lookalike keeps getting his towering hair-do in the drooping netting. Ollie, lead singer of The Specimen and club host, laughs: "Anything goes! It's all fun and very creative."

By Linda Duff

(many thanks to Pauline for the article and for Morgane for sending it to me)