The top 10 records in the Batcave between Feb 83 and Feb 84, described as "Batcave's crucial instruments of change in the past 12 months" from The Face, February 1983.

Virgin Prunes: Pagan Love Song

Bauhaus: Lagartija Nick

Cramps: Cos you've got good taste

Sisters of Mercy: Temple of Love

Banshess: Dear Prudence

Killing Joke: Tensioin

Specimen: Telltale

Public Image: This is not a love song

Alien Sex Fiend: Ignore the machine

Xmal Deutschland: Boomerang

This was from the later phase of the Batcave, when the playlist had become more recognisably "goth". Certainly all of these records could conceivably be played in a goth club in 2003, though only about half of them might be expected to perform well on a dancefloor.