Since I know so little about Gloria Mundi, here's a quote from Mick Mercer:

"As for Gloria Mundi the records, sadly, give no real indication of what they're like because I don't think the producer knew what the hell they were. Live they were like a tortured version of early Christian Death, but on record it sounds positively sedate. They were manic and darkly theatrical, almost brutal live, and not like anything else around, but like plenty of stuff that followed. Obviously bands weren't influenced by them as virtually no f*cker ever saw them, but Bauhaus did appear on the same bill with them, and next time I saw Bauhaus they were 100% different."

Below are three pictures of Gloria Mundi, playing live at the Marquee. The top two photos are of Eddie Maelor, their male vocalist, and the bottom photo is of Sunshine, their female vocalist & keyboard player. Again, many thanks to Mick Mercer for the photos.