The Portsmouth Alternative Scene


Connection: My Thursday indie night at Zanzi, previously at Scandals.

Thunderdome: My rock and metal night one Friday a month at the Edge of the Wedge. Free entry! (Albert Road)

Wolf Cub Club: My indie/rock/retro night alternate Fridays at the Edge of the Wedge. Free entry! (Albert Road)

Rock Lobster: My Monday rock, indie and retro night at the Deco. Free entry!

It's A Sin: Fun fortnightly retro/cheese night at the Wedgewood Rooms

Delight: Monday nights at the Astoria. Alternative night.

Resurgence: Sunday nights once a year. Goth/industrial/80s. Looking for a new venue.


There seems to be no one main alternative pub these days, instead there are several scattered around:

The Deco is the local rock/metal pub, where I DJ on a Monday, the Portsmouth Uni Rock Soc meet there on a Thursday and I put cheap entry vouchers for Connection there on a Thursday

The Honest Politician also has a fairly alternative clientele, I also put cheap entry vouchers for Connection there on a Thursday.

The Fat Fox is a popular alternative/student pub that also puts on bands, with the Atrium bar above it.

Little Johnny Russells A popular venue with the older indie crowd, they also run local cafe/restaurant The Belle Isle.

Gig Venues:

The Guildhall: Occasionally puts on bigger "alternative" bands.

The Pyramids: Quite often puts on mid-range alternative bands (Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Coral etc) via PVC.

The Wedgewood Rooms: Has a very good reputation, especially for getting alternative bands before they get big and getting "scoops"- Oasis, Killers, Primal Scream etc. - any band touted as being "on the way up" will almost inevitably play The Wedgewood Rooms. They also put on metal/punk/emo bands, local band nights and club nights.