Eventually, I plan to have a gallery of all the Resurgence flyers here. As you may have noticed, I haven't managed it yet, but I'm trying to at least put up flyers as I do them... er.... OK, I haven't quite managed it...

This will load really slowly as I haven't yet got round to doing thumbnails...




Here's the July 01 flyer. It's from a monument to Lady Warburton, designed by Edward Pierce and executed by him and John Nost (who completed it after Pierce's death). The monument was probably begun around 1693, when Lady Warburton died.

This flyer courtesy of Dave Exile, who supplied the image- the burial of John the Baptist, from the bronze door of a Florentine Baptistery.

By Andrea Pisano, dated 1330-6.


From a Roman depiction of Aeneas offering a sacrifice.

From a medieval ivory carving - probably late 13th century.

Alberto Arighieri in the robes of a Knight of Malta.

A 15th C painting by Pinturicchio in Siena Cathedral.


Here's the May flyer, which is from a 14th century ivory carving depicting a couple out hawking. Yes, it looks very similar to the April flyer. This is because I'm being lazy.


Here's the April flyer, which is a medieval ivory carving from the back of a mirror and depicts a couple playing chess.


Here's the November 99 flyer, which is based around a figure from the tomb of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, in the Beauchamp chantry chapel at St Mary's, Warwick. Richard was a colleague of Henry V's, and later one of Henry VI's governors and tutors. His tomb is really rather magnificent.



The October 99 flyer, which is me messing around with a Medieval astrolabe...



And here's the April/May 99 flyer. This was taken from a picture of the effigy known as "Le Chevalier a la Rose" in the church of St Jean de Malte on Aix-en-Provence, and is a representation of Raymond Berenger of Provence, all of whose four daughters married kings (Louis IX of France, Henry III of England, Charles of Sicily and Richard of Gernany- the last two being the brothers of Louis and Henry)