Resurgence Setlists 2002

July 02

Early slot:

Lots of ethereal-y type stuff like Seize, Excession, Seventh Harmonic,
Breath of Life etc


Ikon - In power we entrust the love advocated
Dead Can Dance - Ulysses
Cocteau Twins - Blood Bitch
Cinema Strange - En Hiver

(something else...)

NIN - The Wretched
Skinny Puppy: Tin Omen
Hocico - Spit as an offence
In Strict Confidence: The truth inside of me
Assemblage 23: Disappoint
Icon of Coil - Access & amplify
VNV - Epicentre
Depeche Mode: Never Let me Down Again
Joy Division: The Atrocity Exhibition
Siouxsie: Jigsaw Feeling (this worked _really_ well!)
Chameleons: In Shreds
Bauhaus: Sanity Assassin
Play Dead: Sacrosanct
Passion Play: Analgesia
Belisha: Fall of the Evergreen
Descendants of Cain: Possession

(the last 3 songs being the "plug Dave's gig" set!)

Neffalumps: Blue Water
Cult: Spiritwalker
Cure: Just Like Heaven
Ultravox: Vienna
Neurotic Fish: Velocity
Suicide Commando: Hellraiser (VNV mix)
Void Construct: Chemical Burn
Assemblage 23: Purgatory
Cruxshadows: Marilyn My Bitterness (Unfeasibly Long Version)
Siouxsie: Melt
Cranes: Shining Road
Nick Cave: Red Right Hand

(missing some goth stuff here I think)

NMA: The Charge
Cult: Rain
Cure: Primary
Sisters: Black Planet
Gary Numan: RIP
NIN: Closer
Rammstein: Du Hast
Das Ich: Destillat (VNV mix)

(er, some other bleepy stuff...)

Icon of Coil: Shallow Nation
Creatures: Exterminating Angel (because I hadn't played it for ages!)

(er, some other goth stuff...)

Bauhaus: She's in Parties
Cure: A Forest
Siouxsie: Candyman

...and so to bed.

Resurgence Setlists 1999

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February 99

Despite Resurgence being hectic as usual, I managed to compile a setlist (it helped that I wasn't being used as a beerstand/cloakroom much this time).

The list is fairly accurate, but I might have missed some songs out and it's possible that I might not have played one or two of the items on there as I was using it as an "advance planner" at a few points- and my plans tend to change at zero seconds notice (people can usually tell, as I start screaming and throwing CDs around). Also, the order might be a bit out occasionally...

I haven't denoted requests as they're virtually _all_ requests- at the start of the night I go around giving out individual request sheets and  pens, get inundated with them and then spend the rest of the night trying to fit in as many requests as possible alongside what I want to play/what I think will go down (usually two completely different things).

Most of the tracks which weren't requested were stuff like Ennui (gathering interest), Passion Play (ditto) and Leisure Hive (gathering more people on the dancefloor) which I'm trying to push...

[intro bit whilst people are coming in etc]

[the dancefloor stayed continuously active & uncleared from now on...]

(I think the last three are in the wrong order, it all got a bit confused at the end...)

Thanks again to everyone who came down- and thanks to Augeas for proving that no matter how much old vinyl I take down, someone will still manage to compile a request list full of stuff I didn't take :)


March 99

I'm far too knackered to write a full review, but, anyway...

It was packed. Or at least comfortably busy. And lots of goths from foreign parts[1] descended on my house, tried to see how many people could fit in my lounge and ate half my ice cream[2].

Then they all went to Scandals and danced a lot.

Here's the setlist- again, I might have missed some songs out and I haven't denoted requests as they're virtually all requests...

[setup tunes]

[dancing started about now and didn't stop]

[1] Like Bristol, Manchester and Reading- including Jodi, Jason, Alex P, Augeas and some others... along with Mike...

[2] I've still got about 4 tubs left. Of course, it helps that Alex brought two tubs with him- I've now got more Lemon Sorbet than I started with...

[3] Cue Jodi waving one of the countless Nemesis flyers in my face as an autocue...


April 99

Well, here we go again... this month's Resurgence was slightly more of the "bleepy" variety than usual, with stuff like Cubanate, Eco and Sneaky Bat Machine going down well.

Plus the usual mix of other stuff, including the obligatory Puressence, Chameleons and Joy Division tracks...

Anyway, here's the setlist, usual cautions apply but I think it's about right:


Whilst playing this, I was suddenly struck by just how much this sounds like modern electro-goth a la Sneaky Bat, Nekromantik etc. Except it was written 19 years ago and has better lyrics...

It's interesting, as Fad Gadget was never seen as goth at the time but probably would be now (along with a fair few other bands who weren't goth, such as Gary Numan).

[from this point on, people started dancing]

[from this point on, the dancefloor started to get busy]

Now, this was odd. Sex Dwarf had packed the floor, as it always does, and the Furs managed to clear it, or at least get it down to one or two people. Admittedly, the Furs are a different species of 80s to Soft Cell, but it was still an unpleasant surprise, especially as it was a request.

Paradoxically, I might have been better off with a less-played Furs track such as President Gas- I know that would be more likely to get me on the floor.

But it's still odd that bands like A-Ha and Duran Duran will pack a dancefloor whereas bands like the Furs and the Bunnymen, who were more "alternative" (in the loose sense of the word) can clear it.

All of which went down very well. But at this point I got complaints it was all getting a bit too bleepy, so...

And so to bed...


May 99

Yet another stuffed Resurgence, in fact even busier than normal- the May bank holiday probably helped here, as people didn't have to get up the next day.

So it was a good night, despite me feeling utterly crap owing to a combination of being tired & being ill- apologies if I was a bit short with anyone.

Because of my state, the setlist wasn't particularly inspired, but here it is anyway:

[I can't actually remember when people started dancing this time- I was that far gone... though we had two Furbys dancing from the start...]

[putting these two together, I realised just how similar "Name no names" is in style to Play Dead, which of course is a Very Good Thing in my book. One of the interesting things about Passion Play is that they manage a range of styles, taking in Play Dead and Xmal along the way, without ever sounding like sad trad Goth]

[I had to play this again as my Furby had been taught to sing along...]

[at this point my Furby went to sleep, proving that they can indeed sleep through anything...]

[these two tracks may possibly have had something to do with Hatchet turning up fresh from the net.goth picnic... ;)]

[bizarre conversation: someone was asking me for Blue Oyster Cult, and when I played this he said "Oh! This is them isn't it?". Apparently he had in fact meant Southern Death Cult...]

[once again, it really does seem that Nekromantik are losing popularity on the dancefloor these days...]

[unlike Killing Miranda, who should hopefully be even more popular after people down here have seen their rather amazingly good live act... have I mentioned recently that they're playing the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on the 17th May?]

[along with the similarly excellent Dream Disciples and Outshined...]

Dedicated Pete-spotters may well have noticed that I was operating pretty much on autopilot by that point... I did have a plan which involved going to bed early, but then I decided to scan in some more Whitby photos, at which point the PC I've got the new scanner attached to decided to play silly buggers... and still is... :(

June 99

Twas brillig and the slithy toves did furby in the...


Where was I?

Oh yeah, sniffling into a computer and trying to type up a setlist...

God, I feel crap... DJing five nights in a row with bugger all sleep and a stinking cold...

Anyway, enough of that, here's yet another Resurgence setlist- thanks to everyone who came down, especially for the people who came from Foreign Parts and the people who turned up and devoured my Lemon Sorbet... and apologies for being so late getting there I even forgot the furby.

Here's the setlist, unfortunately it's a tad unreliable as I was falling over by the end of the night- I've also got into the habit of writing down tracks in advance and then changing my mind, but I think it's pretty accurate...


[from the next track onwards people started dancing]

[that one seems to be getting quite popular now]

[which made Nils happy]

[that one is also getting impressively popular]

[interesting thought: one of the things with setlists is that you don't actually see how long the songs are. I thought I'd point that out as the "bleepy" section above actually lasted a fair bit longer than what looks to be a sizeable wodge of "trad" goth later in the set, even allowing for a fair bit of cutting...]

[can you tell Steve was there? ;)]

and, since I'd run out of time and couldn't play the traditional end of night cheese, that was it...

July 99

Well... we're still here, though someone did suggest it would be bizarre if the world *had* ended and Resurgence had somehow survived...

Tonight was somewhat down owing to D>vilution playing Southampton on the same night, which meant we were missing most of the Southampton lot, including Dr Gothwin's crack Modern Goth Dancers. Consequently, most of the modern goth played was of the more "cyber" variety.

However, we weren't down nearly as much as I'd expected, and if the Southampton lot had turned up the heat might have been unbearable...

Pictures from this Resurgence might be turning up on a website somewhere near you soon, courtesy of our roving photographer Olga (thanks!).


[from here on people started dancing]

[er... something that reads "squiggle cod"]

August 99

Yes, it was hot in there tonight but fortunately not *too* hot- the improved ventilation and the absence of some of the Southampton goths (in Cornwall!) saw to that...

But then of course I wasn't dancing :)

And what were they dancing to?

Well, here's the setlist:


[from here on people started dancing]

[despite being a request, bleepy and Pitchfork, this cleared the floor in a spectacular fashion- dunno why, though it's a track which has never worked well for me... but at least it gave me a good excuse to get people back on with some solid old-school goth:]

[OK, so Passion Play aren't old-school, but they certainly had a much better dancefloor effect than Project Pitchfork... which is cool AFAIC...]

[for some reason, out of all the big old-school goth acts, Siouxsie is currently by far the most popular down here- I guess it might have something to do with the Creatures... talking of which...]

[the current division between the Resurgence audience isn't between industrial and goth, or between old goth and new goth, it's between "bleepy" and "non-bleepy" stuff... if I play a few songs of bleepy stuff I get the goths hassling me, and if I play non-bleepy stuff I get the bleepers hassling me... there are actually certain bands people request me *not* to play... oh well...]

[shockingly, this was probably the most popular track of the night. But then that might have had something to do with the fact that half the people with decent music taste were in Cornwall...]

September 99

Good night tonight. Very good, but different. We were busier than the last two times as there were no festivals on, but the dancefloor was behaving in an unexpected fashion...

As I said before, there's something of a gulf between the "bleepy" and "goth" contingents, and this time the goths were undeniably in the majority- VNV Nation almost cleared the dancefloor and the likes of Passion Play (hurrah!) and the Lorries (hurrah!) filled it.

Even more bizarre, Depeche Mode and 80s pop didn't work either! (hurrah!)

The only "bleepy" things which worked well were Brainbug, Prodigy and Rammstein[1], all of which are mainstream enough for me to play outside of Resurgence.

I figured we might have had something of an older crowd, but then the modern guitar goth was going down OK...

Here's the list, anyway:


[then sudden dancefloor action:]

Normally, at Resurgence, the dancefloor builds over a few songs. However, as soon as I put "Shine" on the dancefloor went from empty to busy. This was pretty much A Sign Of Things To Come...

Every time I play this, I'm pleasantly surprised by how popular it is. Great song getting the reaction it deserves...

Effortlessly outperformed by the previous two tracks, much to my surprise.

None of these songs had any more than half a dozen people on the floor, including NIN, so there was some creative editing... admittedly, none of them are obvious songs by the bands in question, but I was still surprised at how badly they went...

Odd fact: I've never played "Chance" at Resurgence before, though I've played a fair few other Lorries tracks, and it's never even been requested. Consequently, I was expecting possible dancefloor damage, but it did far better than NIN, VNV Nation etc... which is cool, as it's a great song and I've been meaning to play it for ages...

These two actually performed worse than they would on my Thursday or Friday nights. By this time I was beginning to realise I had a club full of goths :)

This didn't go down too well either, much to my surprise.

But this did, as always. Hurrah!

I'd lined this up to repair the dancefloor damage after Clone. However, it significantly underperformed... in fact it didn't have many more people than were up for Clone, which was pretty much the hardcore "will dance to anything unless it bleeps" brigade... (which is interesting, as normally I have people who will dance to anything if it *does* bleep...)

...and so to bed.

[1] Who aren't exactly bleepy. Someone actually came up to me and said they sounded like a German Metallica...


October 99

Well, rumours of the Demise Of The Bleep were somewhat exaggerated, as tonight the Bleepy Stuff (Funker Vogt, Apop, Eco, Cubanate, VNV Nation etc) performed just as well as the guitar-based stuff.

Having said that, the guitar-based stuff was certainly holding its own... but the popular stuff was mostly either from 80s goth bands or modern bands who've been going (or gone) for a good while[1].

There *is* a distinct lack of popular new guitar-goth bands, with one or two notable exceptions...[2]

But then I suppose most of the bleepy bands have been around for a fair while too.

Anyway, a busy night with a fair few new people, which was nice to see...


[yeah, I know I play this every time at the start, but it's long and it's good, and one day maybe people might ask for it later in the night...]

[yes, I will post that C-Tec album review eventually...]

[er, I know I played this, but I'm not entirely sure that I played it  halfway through a cyber set! I have a feeling I played it later...]

[during which I had the classic "could you play some NIN?" request]

(hmm, maybe that should have been "Let's Go To Bed" instead...)

[1] Rosetta seem to be popular again down here, though the tracks I played were both from Tyranny Of Inaction and thus have an industrial edge...

[2] Cue the obligatory Passion Play plug :)