The pictures below were taken from an article called "Street Threadability" in Noise! magazine.

This was a feature where the magazine would interview ordinary people about their clothes and music taste- I've selected people who by their look and music taste might be considered part of the wider post-punk scene which included goth, if not proto-goth. The two pictures below (by Paul Edmond) appeared in the October 28th issue and were taken in Birmingham city centre. It's maybe worth quoting part of the introduction by Philip Hackman:  

This totally random selection reveals a few interesting facts about the state of Britain in 1982; for instance, notice how many of these people play in bands ... the economic straits mean many people improvise- often doing their own or each other;'s hair, making their own clothes, borrowing from friends or relatives and spending hours rummaging for bargains at markets and jumble sales.

Yvette, 22, hairdresser... Hair done by her boyfriend who's also a hairdresser. Dress combo and denim jacket fromthe Gear Market in King's Road. Socks from World's End. Boots from Redditch market. Bangles are antique hand-me-downs. Music: Bauhaus, Psychedelic Furs,.

Lei Adele, 21. Lives in Solihull but comes to Birmingham for kicks- 'there's nothing happening where I live'. Goes to the Rum Runner - 'there's nowhere else open any more...'. Music: 'I'm not into music, really. The last album I bought was the Siouxsie and the Banshees Greatest Hits. Oh, and I might buy a Theatre of Hate record- if they'd anything new to buy. ..' Clothes: Hat, dress (just) and jewellery from Kahn & Bell. Leopardskin boots from Talvara, £35.00. If she didn't go to Kahn & Bell, where would she get clothes? 'I might go to Ya Ya (Jane Farrimond and Martin Degville's new shop in Bordeley Street)... or maybe Oasis'.