A few years ago someone very kindly gave me some video footage of early goth bands (notably Sex Gang Children) and the Batcave. Not having sufficient space or bandwidth to do anything with them, I have to confess I’ve not put them up yet. Sorry. However, in the intervening years someone invented Youtube, and this has now gathered quite a few interesting videos, a small selection of which I've embedded below. There are two documentaries (one in 3 parts), then a series of music videos running from 1978 to 1985.

The Batcave documentary from BBC2’s Riverside:

There's also a black and white version with some old flyers at the end, from Batcave DJ Hamish.

Positive Punk article part 1:

“Michael Moorcock hosts 1983 ITV show about the Positive Punk genre - based on an NME article by Richard North (Richard Cabut) featuring the bands Brigandage and Blood and Roses”

Blood and Roses were an early goth band who had an obsession with Crowley and occultism as opposed to anything “punk”. They’re almost forgotten today - they don’t even rate a Wikipedia entry, which is pretty much a modern definition of obscurity. In my opinion their early material (some of which is featured on here) was rather second rate, but by the “Enough is never enough” album they’d improved immensely (actually, looking at an interview on their myspace page it appears that they weren’t happy with the way the first EP was recorded either). Listening to them it should be very obvious that what they’re doing wasn’t punk, and a lot of the article is about the history of punk – which is at least interesting as a background to the history of goth.

Positive Punk article part 2:

Complete with an interview with Siouxsie held in an early goth clothing shop “run by her friend Morticia”.

Also featuring Brigandage, who despite an appearance on The Whip were more of a later punk group as opposed to a goth group (not a terribly good one, either, with the exception of “Hide and Seek”, the track they contributed to The Whip – I was sorely disappointed when I tracked down the rest of their material).

Positive Punk article part 3:

More for the sake of completeness that anything else – Brigandage, more Blood and Roses and, er, “punk plays”. It does at least show how high-maintenance vertical haircuts are.

Siouxsie playing live in the studio on the Old Grey Whistle Test 1978:

Compare and contrast with her appearance in the 1981 Spellbound video below...

Bauhaus - Telegram Sam:

An early, highly kinetic and cinematic video from Bauhaus, and a reminder that Bowie wasn't the only glam influence. The single was released in 1980, and I'd guess the video was shot around the same time.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound:

The official promo video, presumably from 1981 since the single was released in that year.

UK Decay performing Unexpected Guest in Berlin in early 1981:

Despite the poor video and sound quality (almost inevitable given the circumstances), this rare contemporary clip gives some idea of what UK Decay were like. There are also other UK Decay tracks on Youtube, some of which are essentially audio tracks - of these, I'd particularly recommend Werewolf and Testament.

Bauhaus in the movie The Hunger, released April 1983:

With David Bowie playing a vampire at a Bauhaus gig - surely one of the most goth film moments ever.

Sex Gang Children performing Sebastiane on Riverside, 1983:

(I do love one of the Youtube comments on this - “my mum loves this - I think it's outta tune or summat.”)

Danielle Dax performing Pariah on Riverside:

Again,probably from 1983.

Specimen - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang:

Presumably from 1983 since the single was released in that year.

March Violets - Radiant Boys:

A great track by The March Violets, included more for the audio than the video.

Play Dead live on The Tube (probably 1984):

(another wonderful Youtube comment: "Hey!! Thats My English teacher in the red playing the bass!!")

Red Lorry Yellow lorry - Chance (1985):

Another great track included more for the audio than the video.