This is where I'll be putting a list of recent updates to the site.

I've just added a Videos section to the site.

A while ago I had an email conversation that totally buggered up my nice neat timeline, with a mention of "gothic clientele" in the US in 1981:

"Thought you might be interested in this in regards to the whole goth history business. This is the earliest evidence I've ever seen of someone in the US using the term 'goth' to describe goths, from April 2, 1981:


I have to admit I was skeptical... but I couldn't find any evidence to the contrary. It appears to be legit. The venue they mention first called the Brave Dog was only open 18 months from late 1980 to early 1982, see here:


And then the club in question with the gothic clientele, The Veil... there's more about that here from February 1981:


I particularly like the quote about "the guys are wearing more makeup than the girls."

I guess this was a 1981 flyer for The Veil on eBay (no picture, unfortunately):

http://cgi.ebay.ca/THE-VEIL-Cathay-De-Grande-1981-L-A-goes-goth_W0QQitem Z4878826498QQcategoryZ306QQcmdZViewItem

Could this have been the first "goth club" of sorts?"

More on that later, but thanks to Skotz for that... the relevant excerpts are:

April 2, 1981:

"The Veil at Cathay De Grande in the center of Hollywood is one of those great new parties, with dark energy and a mixed but mostly gothic clientele, it continues to grow in popularity on Sunday nights. The music is adventuresome and played loud through a decent sound system, the crowd is a mingling mix of downtown art types with plenty of Hollywood's wildest hair-damaged goth rockers thrown in. The bands play downstairs. It's a small space down there, dark, the drinks are strong, and overall it's the perfect cap for the weekend. But where have all of the Souxsie clones come from all of a sudden?"

17 February 1981

"The Veil

Monday and Friday nights are Veil nights at Cathay De Grande (on Selma one block east of Vine) and it's drawing a large, prepossessing crowd. Dress as wild as you want, any period, any style, you will feel right at home. The music is esoterically avante, the downstairs barroom is dark, intimate and loud.

Occasionally a live band will play and you can always expect the unexpected due in no small part to the diverse and adventurous group of people that congregate there. The word is already spreading about this club, and you'll find people there from all over the area, from the Valley to East LA. And the guys are wearing more makeup than the girls."

This thoroughly confuses matters, especially as I was under the impression that the goth scene in the US was first called "Deathrock".

I've finally done the media section and a brief bit about me.

I've just been kindly sent an article by Gavin Baddeley - currently here

Many recent updates are as a result of an email conversation with Mick Mercer, who has made some very helpful suggestions and kindly supplied me with some photos. Many thanks.

I've added a hugely informative article about the Batcave from the Face in 1984 to the Batcave section

I've added a brief outline of the Later History of Goth

As a result of email conversations, I've added articles/information about the Doors and the Damned.

I've added a Subculture page, about the people who made up the early goth crowd.

I've renamed the Prehistory page as the Influences page, with a long-overdue explanation about the influence of Adam and the Ants.

I've added to the bands page, with the eventual aim of making it a lot more extensive.

I've also added the media page, more as a reminder for me to do it some time...

Further back:

Greylock has very kindly located & typed out the Positive Punk article from the NME.

I've added a brief summary of the history.

I've also made additions to the name and bands pages- the term "goths" came in sooner than I thought, and I thought it was worth stressing the importance of Southern Death Cult and Sex Gang Children in the early scene.

It should be stressed that my ideas about the History are continually evolving as I uncover more information- particularly as regards the complex interplay between the music/bands, fashion and subculture...

Being used to Medieval history, where the transmission of ideas was comparatively slow, I've had to get used to the idea that just a few months can see very extensive changes in terms of music-based subcultures.

For instance, the term "positive punk", coined by Richard North in February 1983, seems to have vanished by October 1983 and to have been replaced by "goth".